Friday, February 12, 2010

In No Particular Order:


1st: PedoBear Neccesities (28 pts)
2nd: Die-Inna Fire (26 pts)
3rd: I Love Daniel Farraday (25 pts)

Best Team Name: Your Mothers Ass

1st: Chicken McNugget Garnish (25 pts)
2nd: I'm with Coco (not O'Brien, the Sign Language Gorilla) (24 pts)
3rd: The Dumbest Team Name (21 pts)

Best Team Name: Having your salad tossed means your asshole eaten out with jelly or syrup. I prefer syrup

1st: Facehuggers and Chestbursters (29 pts)
2nd: You Want a Toe? I can Get You A Toe (24 pts)
3rd: Headsure and Cockstrong (21 pts)

Best Team Name: Fuck Snippies

1st: Make out With Shanna (29 pts)
2nd: Don't Want to Miss a Thing (26 pts)
3rd: Circle of Jerks (24 pts)

Best Team Name: Channing Tatum's Burnt Penis Should Take Refuge in My Vag.

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